Sturg - Lugormod Building Tutorial 1

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Sturg - Lugormod Building Tutorial 1

Post by Sturg on Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:42 am

TELEPORT- There are 2 kinds of teleports: Button Teleports and Walk-in area Teleports.

/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/factory/f_con2,spawnflags,193,target,name

/place target_teleporter 20 targetname,[NAME]

thease are trigger teleports=walk on it it triggers the tele dest

/place trigger_teleport 0 maxs,10 10 10,mins,-10 -10 0,target,name.

and again its the same as the button tele same dest cmd

/place target_teleporter 20 targetname,name

hope that makes useing teleports a bit less confusing

Simple Bank

\place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/factory/f_con2,spawnflags,253,target,

Credit Command

\place target_credits 0 targetname,,count,amount of credits ,

/nudge can either be done by /nudge number can find that by aiming at something and typeing /trace then take that ent number say its 32 then /nudge 32 0 0 +1

nudge angles main ones i use

/nudge -1 0 0
/nudge +1 0 0
/nudge 0 -1 0
/nudge 0 +1 0
/nudge 0 0 +1
/nudge 0 0 -1

down up left right and back and fourth

single quest

queststart button button to press that spawns the npc

/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,models/map_objects/factory/f_con1,spawnflags,97,target,boba_fettQuest,targetname,boba_fettQuest2,

the NPC here i simply used boba fett

/place NPC_spawner 30 NPC_type,boba_fett,count,-1,health,1000,NPC_target5,boba_fettcredits,showhealth,1,targetname,boba_fettQuest,

you can editits health ,health, i used 1k

this next commands shuts off the button untilthe npc is killed

/place target_deactivate * targetname,boba_fettQuest,target,boba_fettQuest2,

/place target_activate * targetname,boba_fettcredits,target,boba_fettQuest2,

^ reactivates the button to be used again
cmd to spawn the credits

/place target_credits * targetname,boba_fettcredits,count,175
can change countto anything for this example after boba dies it will pay you CR 175

you can make it so when you activate the quest it can tele you to where the npc is with

/place target_teleporter 11 targetname,boba_fettTeleIn,

then whenyoukill the npc use this to tele out

/place target_teleporter 11 targetname,boba_fettcredits,

In lugormod if you spawn a model lets sat model/factory/cat_wb if you walk near it it is glitched this is the main reason i stick close to brush models but there are times hen models are needed doors trees seats door frames what ever anyway the reason it gets glitched is because of the bounding box *what makes it solid there are max and mis you can add to the end f the line of code for example maxs,15 20 20,mins,-15 -20 0 this maxs/mins can be used on alot of things trees doors whatever the larger you scale the modl the larger that 15 has to be nothing makes memore angry about lugormodders that sit there and make houses out of modls and you cant even walk around inside

World Spawn

is just what it sounds like its world spawn lolz here are a few commands do not delete or modify them exept for this example

Changing the map name. This will add a line that will show up on the map’s loading screen. You can give the map a name or greeting.
/spawnstring edit 1022 ,message,Exile Exploration
this line i have set on t3_stamp it simple adds a line of text to the loading screen of that map

Removing the soundset. This is a background noise, such as wind or the humming of a generator.

for example in stamp youll hear the breath of the rancor this next command removes it but this is a single player map i would have to add a few other lines of code but for basic mp maps

/spawnstring deletekey 1022 soundset'


/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/imperial/controlpanel,spawnflags,1

Trigger used to hack. Aim at the ground in front of the model.
/place trigger_multiple 0 spawnflags,4,usetime,9000,target,bank_hack,maxs,20 20 30,mins,-20 -20 -30

Chat Messages for the Bank
/place target_print * targetname,bank_hack,spawnflags,16,message,The bank has been hacked. Reward is 150-200CR every minute.
/place target_print * targetname,bank_done,spawnflags,16,message,The bank is complete.

Codes for the bank's delay system
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_cr,wait,60
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_cr,wait,120
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_cr,wait,180
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_cr,wait,240
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_cr,wait,300
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_done,wait,360

The credits
/place target_credits * targetname,bank_cr,count,150,random,50

Optional Trigger that shows a message to everyone when you are hacking.
/place trigger_multiple 0 maxs,4,maxs,15 15 30,mins,-15 -15 -20,target,bank_hackmsg,wait,6
/place target_print * targetname,bank_hackmsg,message,^3[The Bank is being Hacked]
A relay. This is needed so that you will receive the credits and play the message when the bank is completed.
/place target_relay * targetname,bank_done,target,bank_cr
Password Button

This is a button that you need to enter a password to be able to enter.

The button. For this example, the password will be throne
/place lmd_pwterminal 0 model,map_objects/factory/f_con1,message,Throne Room,target,enter,target3,Throne

The warp in
/place target_teleporter 30 targetname,enter

How to use the terminal:
/interact [password]

Player Ghost

To be able to place player models, you just add a couple things to the string.

/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,players,reborn,model.glm,spawnflags,1,maxs,15 15 20,mins,-15 -15 -20

-Replace the reborn with what npc you want, such as stormtrooper or kyle
-You HAVE to have .glm at the end of the model name
-You need to set mins/maxs, as the default bounding box is way too small
-You can change their position. with anims play but dont use the play function just anims,1-1000,
-You can not use them with moving entities such as lmd_door or lmd_mover. The models do not show up at all with these entities.

to make swimable water/lava/acid is very simple spawn a brushmodel that is big enough to go inside spawn the brush m then hpingou have uu and hackys utility !edit spawnstring 165 and it will be swimable LMX utility _edit s string


This guide is about how to make a tram-like transportation entity.

First, you need to make a path for it to follow. Use this entity:
/place path_corner * targetname,1,target,2
/place path_corner 10 targetname,2,target,3
/place path_corner 100 targetname,3,target,4
/place path_corner 100 targetname,X,target,1
The first one goes where you want the tram to start. It will head directly for the next entity. Place these at all points where the tram would turn. Eventually, you will make a complete loop.

Now, the tram itself. Use whatever model you want. I will use an ore cart.
/place lmd_train * target,1,model,map_objects/ships/ore_cart,speed,100

like it is the cart will go to all the poinnts and then return to the start point
this can be triggered to go back and fourth by adding a button to the last 2 targets targetname,1, on one side and a button with ,targetname,3 at the other
Its is better to be hatted for who you are then loved for who you are not. ~kilt

Music Tutorial

In Lugormod it is possible to change the maps music

/spawnstring edit 1022 music

music files can be found in assets 1

LMD_Portal/camera terminal

/place lmd_terminal * model,map_objects/vjun/control_station,spawnflags,1,cmd,Spawn,cmd2,Quest,cmd3,Gun Shop,target,camera1,target2,camera2,target3,camera3,message,Map Cams

tht cmd is pretty much just triggers now to place the camera trigger to fire when cmd is entered example /interact 1

/place misc_camera 400 targetname,camera2,

then just respawn same cmd and change the target camera1 -3

Jump Pad posted for kilt

/place target_position 1000 targetname,

/place trigger_push 0 maxs,60 60 20,mins,-5 -5 0,target,


/place target_speaker 0 spawnflags,1,noise,sound/ambience/narshaddaa/cantina_1

if you played in our t3 stamp we have music in the bar
if you just place it like tht it will spawn the music but if you add maxs mins you can hear it furthr away

/place target_speaker 0 spawnflags,1,noise,sound/ambience/narshaddaa/cantina_1,maxs,56 56 78,mins 6 -6 90

Password Consols

/place lmd_pwterminal 0 model,map_objects/factory/f_con1,message,Password Button,target1,correctpw,target2,wrongpw

there are 2 tarets that get spawned with this one

if the password is correct it spawns to tht spot f its wrong spawn somewhere else

/place target_teleporter 30 targetname,correctpw
/place target_teleporter 30 targetname,wrongpw


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