Penekepack V1.5 Replacement Pack Mod

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Penekepack V1.5 Replacement Pack Mod

Post by Andy on Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:13 am

By Xyeron

Hi, Penekowski speaking!

Because of the great assistance that I have received from Vitez, Tompa, JamyzGenius and the JKHUB community, I'm now able to publish my first replacement pack, the Penekepack. A Pack that, in my humble opinion, has the best of every single pack available plus a bunch of new content that was heavily customized by me.

I brought back things that I liked from the Old school MBII,better versions of existing models, new Icons, new RGB models , new hilts, new content, new Menu, new cursor, and overall a whole new and improved look for an average replacement pack.

I have included credits for ever single person that helped me on this project, and of course, there's a list of all of the authors for every single model, hilt, asset or cfg that this pack has. In other words, here's some of the stuff that our pack entails:

- Over 35 New Hilts
- New Luke & Vader themed menu
- New Kylo Ren Hilt cursor
- New UI (Optimization Menu, Custom Lightsaber, Music Menu, Camera Menu, this was created by the HB Pack Team and  heavily customized by me, more on that in the credits included in the rar pack)
- New effects
- New force Icons
- New loading Screens
- New Console
- Over 100+ New models, all of them have their custom icons and sounds and some of them have their RGB system

Without further ado, here's the icontable for the pack, as well as screens from some of the models ingame, the new menu and an icontable for the hilts as well.

Enjoy it and please remember that all of the credits are inside the .rar file, along with the installation instructions and a few more notes!

And a really special thanks to Vitez, the creator of the H.B Pack, for Tompa, the creator of the Tompapack, KoyMcCloud because I used some of his icons and took some inspiration from his style to make my own, JamyzGenius (Jesus F.G) ,Rooxon & Kualan for their unlimited patience to help me out with the optimization and improvement of my pack, Darth Peneke (Peneke Tesla), my buddy, who helped me out with the menu stuff, pictures and overall the pack itself and many more!

Known Bugs:

- In the class customization screen, certain models that don't have RGB claim that they do, this is a bug that it's easy to fix but takes time to do so. This will get fixed as the time goes by since I keep adding new RGB models, so it's pointless to remove the RGB system from most of the slots for now.
- This pack is not 100% Compatible with the Full authenthic mode of MBII, so if you play FA quite often, this pack might not be for you just yet.


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